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Certified Title Professional: The NJ Title Professional Designation

01.03.20 02:17 PM Comment(s) By Emily

June 9-11, 2019 was the 97th Annual NJLTA Convention. Paula Zwiren was honored with the Certified Title Professional (CTP) designation. The CTP designation originated in New Jersey 29 years ago and in that time, only 30 other individuals have been honored with this designation.

    The New Jersey Land Title Association (NJLTA) created the professional designation in 1990 to reward individuals who exhibit proficiency in the knowledge of title insurance and show dedication to the New Jersey Land Title Association and the profession. In the 29 years since its inception, only 31 individuals have been awarded the CTP designation and today, there are 27 active CTPs in the state of NJ. The criteria for the designation are structured in such a way that one must be well rounded in the title and real estate industry in order to qualify, as it balances and limits qualifications for the designation. You are able to rely on the following when working with a CTP: 

  • Universally acknowledged credibility within the title industry 
  • Well-rounded understanding of real estate matters 
  • Willingness to learn and explore options for reaching solutions 
  • Commitment to results   


    To qualify for the designation, the following experiences were presented to the NJLTA for consideration: Zoning Board Alternate Member, Trustee for the NJLTA Agency Section, Commercial Real Estate Women New Jersey Chapter Board Member, Advocate Magazine Editorial Committee, 129 hours of title insurance pre-licensing instructing and  speaker ALTA. 


    It is not what you do, it is how and why you do it – this is a guiding statement on a day-to-day basis at Zwiren Title Agency, Inc.  Many title agencies drive business through corporate affiliations or through having a structured, focused sales environment.  Wise or not, Paula relies on building and maintaining business based on how and why Zwiren Title does what it does. With a pure intention to help people and to do things in ways that protect the Insureds as well as its lender, attorney and realtor colleagues, Zwiren Title strives to create an identity and a brand that attracts colleagues who operate with similar guiding principles:

  • Delivering appropriate benefits to the end consumer 
  • Transparency   
  • Adjusting to transaction needs 
  • Proactive, open, and thorough communication 
  • Transactions geared towards meeting goals and avoiding surprises

   Making you proud to order title from Zwiren Title Agency, Inc. is also a primary goal. Clients and Insureds are the only reason Paula is able to dedicate time to teach, to serve on boards and to grow.  Without their support, there would be no opportunity.  This designation is dedicated with extreme gratitude by Paula to everyone who has been in her life and supported, directly or indirectly, the opportunity for the credentials to be reached.          

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