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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term encompassing everything connected to the internet, but increasingly defines objects that connect with each other. Basically, an IoT device is any device with an on/off switch that is connected to the internet, or to another device using the i...

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    No, not chocolate chip or sugar cookie, we're talking about HTTP cookies. These cookies, otherwise known as web cookies, are little bits of data that are collected by a website and saved in a tiny file on your computer and on the website’s server. Originally created in 1994 as a s...

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7 Victim Stories detailing how cybercriminals have defrauded real estate transactions. 

    Many cases of real estate wire fraud go unreported in the media and to the FBI. However, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reproted 11,300 victims in 2018 leading to $149 m...

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Today cyber criminals are an active threat to real estate transactions, making it crucial to implement a cyber defense plan which typically which begins with the implementation of security software, procedures for computer usage, and a cyber aware environment.
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91% of people are aware of the necessity for better password security, yet a majority of people prefer the convenience of a password they can remember over their account security.
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Be warned, Public Wi-Fi is not as safe as most people think...only 7% of internet users really understand how vulnerable they become when using public WiFi.
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Small businesses were the target of 58% of all cyber attacks in 2018. In response to the rising number of small businesses experiencing data breaches, the FTC) has created an interactive website to inform small business owners on how they can protect themselves from falling victim to a cyber-attack.
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