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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term encompassing everything connected to the internet, but increasingly defines objects that connect with each other. Basically, an IoT device is any device with an on/off switch that is connected to the internet, or to another device using the i...

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    No, not chocolate chip or sugar cookie, we're talking about HTTP cookies. These cookies, otherwise known as web cookies, are little bits of data that are collected by a website and saved in a tiny file on your computer and on the website’s server. Originally created in 1994 as a s...

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Today cyber criminals are an active threat to real estate transactions, making it crucial to implement a cyber defense plan which typically which begins with the implementation of security software, procedures for computer usage, and a cyber aware environment.
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91% of people are aware of the necessity for better password security, yet a majority of people prefer the convenience of a password they can remember over their account security.
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Be warned, Public Wi-Fi is not as safe as most people think...only 7% of internet users really understand how vulnerable they become when using public WiFi.
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