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Zoning Endorsement ALTA 3-06
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A Historical Map of New Jersey from 1795
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91% of people are aware of the necessity for better password security, yet a majority of people prefer the convenience of a password they can remember over their account security.
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Buyers frequently call and ask if they really need an attorney in order to buy a piece of property. An attorney is the only true advocate with no conflict of interest that sees the entire integrated picture of the transaction and the property.
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Be warned, Public Wi-Fi is not as safe as most people think...only 7% of internet users really understand how vulnerable they become when using public WiFi.
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Avoiding surprises is a critical element for success in any investment. When a title company performs its services it can act proactively for the investor to avoid surprises.
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A common misconception is that title insurance companies insures the survey. In fact, title companies use the survey as a source of information to evaluate various risks and determine if we will insure the property without any exception.
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Small businesses were the target of 58% of all cyber attacks in 2018. In response to the rising number of small businesses experiencing data breaches, the FTC) has created an interactive website to inform small business owners on how they can protect themselves from falling victim to a cyber-attack.
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