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    This endorsement is available only for loan policies that cover residential property. The endorsement insures against loss or damage resulting from the failure of the priority of the insured mortgage over any environmental protection lien which has been duly and properly reco...

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Historical Map from 1822

 "The State of New Jersey". [Map]. (1822). Retrieved from www .mapofus. org/_maps/atlas/ 1822-NJ.html 

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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term encompassing everything connected to the internet, but increasingly defines objects that connect with each other. Basically, an IoT device is any device with an on/off switch that is connected to the internet, or to another device using the i...

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This endorsement is valid in states where electronically signed and issued policies are not prohibited and therefore, sets forth that [the company] will not deny liability under the policy or any endorsements solely on the grounds that the policy an endorsements were issued electronically or la...

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A Historical Map of New Jersey from 1814

"The State of New Jersey". [Map]. (1814). Retrieved from

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    No, not chocolate chip or sugar cookie, we're talking about HTTP cookies. These cookies, otherwise known as web cookies, are little bits of data that are collected by a website and saved in a tiny file on your computer and on the website’s server. Originally created in 1994 as a s...

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Written by Paula M. Zwiren, JD, MBA, CTP

   One of the most popular questions we're asked is: "How do we clear this exception?" The answer depends on the type of issue the exception presents and if it is from the current owner or from behind the ownership date ...

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Historical Map of New Jersey from 1804
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    This endorsement, when affixed to an owner’s policy, modifies the definition of Insured to include, in specific limited circumstances, transferees under inter vivos or testamentary trusts, and transferees for no or nominal stated consideration.

    The charge for the...

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7 Victim Stories detailing how cybercriminals have defrauded real estate transactions. 

    Many cases of real estate wire fraud go unreported in the media and to the FBI. However, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reproted 11,300 victims in 2018 leading to $149 m...

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