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Written by Paula M. Zwiren, JD, MBA, CTP

   One of the most popular questions we're asked is: "How do we clear this exception?" The answer depends on the type of issue the exception presents and if it is from the current owner or from behind the ownership date ...

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Today cyber criminals are an active threat to real estate transactions, making it crucial to implement a cyber defense plan which typically which begins with the implementation of security software, procedures for computer usage, and a cyber aware environment.
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Written by: Paula M. Zwiren, JD, MBA, CTP

    While the title policy price may not be negotiable in New Jersey, there is more negotiation of the terms of the policy happening than one might think at first blush.  The first step is to understand the parts of the contract that can b...

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91% of people are aware of the necessity for better password security, yet a majority of people prefer the convenience of a password they can remember over their account security.
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Written by Paula M. Zwiren, JD, MBA

     Real property buyers frequently call and ask if they really need an attorney in order to buy a piece of property.  My response is always “I could not personally imagine buying such a large investment without a specialist reviewing...

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Written by Paula M. Zwiren, JD, MBA

Avoiding surprises is a critical element for success in any investment. When a title company performs its services it can act proactively for the investor to avoid surprises. 

Competency is the baseline service that a title company needs to earn a seat at ...

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Written by Paula M. Zwiren, JD, MBA

It is a common misconception that title insurance companies insures the survey.  In fact, title companies use the survey as a source of information to evaluate various risks and determine if we will insure the property without any exception.

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